Sir Roger Moore CBE KBE

Actors by Ajay Singh, 17 September 2010

Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore

The most famous set of eyebrows in history.

The longest running James Bond, setting a record that is unlikely to ever be broken, Moore appeared in a total of seven films from the early seventies to the mid eighties, bringing a suave sophistication to the super spy and steering the franchise in a new direction for a new decade.

My acting range? Left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised. I’ve never received a nomination for an Academy Award – and that after I went to the trouble of learning two more facial expressions.

Born in 1927 in London, Moore trained at RADA before starting to appear in bit parts in films, then transferring to television where he made his name.

In the 60s he was well known for playing Simon Templar, the lead character in “the Saint” TV series which was exported all over the world making Moore a household name in both the UK and the States. In fact, he had initially been under consideration for Bond in “Dr No” but his commitments to filming the series made him unavailable.

Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore

In 1970, Moore was teamed up with Tony Curtis for the high profile TV show “The Persuaders”, so seemed the natural successor to Connery after the relative failure of George Lazenby. He took on the role in 1973 and immediately brought a lightness of touch and sense of humour that had been absent from previous versions of the spy.

I don’t believe in Bond as a hero. It’s a load of nonsense. How can you be a spy when any bar you walk into, the bartender says, `Ah, Mr Bond. Shaken, not stirred?`

Moore became synonymous with the part throughout his reign and has repeatedly been voted the most popular Bond. He left the role in 1985, having decided that at the age of 58, he was getting too old to play the part, which indeed he was. He continued to appear in films however though never to any major degree and has now retired from acting.

Moore is now active as an ambassador for UNICEF for which he has received several; honours from the Queen and now divides his time between homes in Switzerland and Monaco. He has been married no less than four times, including an intense relationship with singer Dorothy Squires, finally settling down with Kiki Tholstrup. A true British icon and the definitive Bond for a generation, Sir, we salute you!

Most extraordinary appearance

This has to be in the film “The Man Who Haunted Himself” a superb and wrongly overlooked horror about a man who is involved in an accident and wakes up to find that he may have a doppelganger. Moore gives and dark and intense performance, proving that there was a lot more to him as an actor than a wry quip and a raised eyebrow.

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