Diana Rigg

Bond Girls by Ajay Singh, 17 February 2011

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

James’ second wife, this time for real but not for long.

Teresa Draco is the daughter of the head of a powerful and feared crime syndicate, and goes by the name of Tracy . Having initially met and left bond, he is persuaded back into her life by her father who says that their relationship improved her life considerably making her happier and more stable. As a result, Bond is able to use Draco’s resources to hunt Blofeld, so agrees.

Despite his motivations, Bond and Tracy fall very deeply in love. She is strong willed and independent, but has a caring side and becomes very protective of Bond during their adventure together. Unfortunately, as we all know, Bond can’t be tied down narratively, so it’s almost inevitable that at the end of the film, Tracy is gunned down leaving Bond alone and desolate.

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg is a true Yorkshire lass, though you’d never realise it as in common with most performers of the day she had to discard her accent to become successful. She spent much of her childhood living in India before being sent to boarding school in England . Embarking on a career in acting, she took on several TV riles before she shot to fame as the replacement for previous Bond girl Honor Blackman in “The Avengers” and with her co star, Patrick MacNee, took the series to new heights, becoming an instant sex symbol, embodiment of female power and one of the most well known faces in Britain and abroad.

Society was so much more prudish in the 1960s. In one episode of The Avengers I played a belly dancer and I had to stick a jewel in my navel because the Americans wouldn’t tolerate them. In those days you didn’t flash the boobs at all. What you did do to look glamorous was jack the boobs up and probably wear something quite low-cut.

After two series, she decided to make the break and one of her most notable roles was as Tracy . It was reported that she and George Lazenby did not get on during the shoot, though both have denied this, however Lazenby occasionally lets slip little hints that there was tension between them. After her appearance, she continued to act in TV chalking up an impressive roster of roles over thirty years and made frequent forays onto the stage, eventually compiling a collection of bad reviews that she and others had relieved in the punningly titled volume “No turn unstoned”.

They do say that the profession gets increasingly difficult, but my career seems to have been inside out. I’m playing the biggest parts now that I’m older. That’s probably right, because I wasn’t ready for them before.

She has had three major relationships, the first with director Philip Saville, then with an Israeli painter and then with Archibald Stirling with whom she has a daughter. She is still acting and is a patron of International Care and Relief, becoming the public face of the organisation for many years.

I hope there’s a tinge of disgrace about me. Hopefully, there’s one good scandal left in me yet.

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  1. Jay Says:

    Diana Rigg and George Lazenby wrote letters blasting each other that were published in The Daily Sketch and other newspapers about the time On Her Majesty’s Secret Service opened. So it’s odd 40 years later to read stories claiming that they deny there was a feud.

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