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Bond Girls by Ajay Singh, 03 February 2011

Mia Hama in James Bond Movie "You Only Live Twice"

Mia Hama in James Bond Movie "You Only Live Twice"

Bond’s first wife…well sort of.

Kissy Suzuki seems to be a very lucky girl as she gets married to James Bond. Well, as a cover anyway. Together, posing as husband and wife, they infiltrate Blofeld’s Volcano base and foil his plans to start a world war. Initially, Kissy is distant, viewing their relationship as being only business, but as the film goes on, they become closer and she eventually melts into his arms, as they all do. She is professional and a good fighter, well trained in her job, one of Tiger Tanaka’s best agents.

Actress Mia Hama was originally spotted while working as a bus conductor by a talent scout from Toho Studios, famous for their slew of “Godzilla movies”. They arranged for her to start appearing in their films so by the time it came to casting for “You only live twice”, she was an established name in Japanese cinema having appeared in over 60 films. Upon being cast, initially for another role, she traveled to England and started learning the language.

My English teacher was a theater actress she wanted to instill Shakespeare in me, but I was Japanese. I asked to have my English instructor changed, and so the next person was a good friend of Mr. Connery’s. I went to her room, rang the bell, and Mr. Connery was standing there in the doorway tall and dark and handsome standing there with a big dog. He asked, ‘Could you keep the dog with you for a while?’ ‘Sure,’ I said. He was very concerned with the harmony of the production team. It was a long production, but I really liked him.

Eventually, the roles were swapped and Mia ended up playing Kissy, the only Bond girl who is never named during the course of the film. She continued acting for several years but when the Japanese film industry went into decline, she changed her focus, becoming a broadcaster and journalist. She is especially concerned with environmental issues now, regularly hosting a radio show on the subject.

I left films and tried television drama; then I went to New York for a long time, and I became a news writer and got married. I wrote a book and for magazines, and now I have my own interview program. I changed my career.

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