Shirley Eaton

Bond Girls by Ajay Singh, 14 January 2011

Shirley Eaton

Shirley Eaton

A golden girl knows when he’s kissed her, it’s the kiss of death

Though Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore was the main bond Girl of “Goldfinger”, the one everyone will always remember best was little more than a cameo at the beginning of the film Jill Masterson was a spy working for Goldfinger. She meets Bond and is changed by him, seeing him as a way out of her professional relationship but Goldfinger is furious and kills her by having her painted from head to toe in gold leaf. She dies of skin suffocation, which is absolute nonsense incidentally!

Shirley Eaton played the short lived Jill and became a world icon for the scene where her golden body is discovered. She had acted in several films and TV series before taking the role but after filming decided that it was more important to raise a family and took on only a few more roles before retiring in 1969. she was the subject of an urban myth that she really had suffocated during the filming of the scene and eventually appeared alive and well in a documentary to disprove it.

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