Tanya Roberts

Bond Girls by Ajay Singh, 29 October 2010

From queen of the jungle to queen of Bond’s affections.

The Granddaughter of an oil tycoon who’s empire was taken over by Max Zorin, Stacey Sutton is on a personal mission to reclaim what she thinks is rightfully hers. She becomes involved with Bond who is initially suspicious of her but she is able to offer him proof that Zorin is attempting to flood Silicone valley and the pair join forces, defeating Zorin and his henchmen and eventually settling down for a nice steamy bath.

Hailing from the Bronx and given to the world in 12954, Tanya Roberts left school early to get married and hitch hike across the states. The marriage was subsequently dissolved by her mother in law which seems a bit harsh and Roberts moved into the modelling career that seems like the inevitable path for a Bond girl then changed her career path to study acting, under such famous names as Uta Hagen. She married aspiring screenwriter Barry Roberts and the pair moved to Hollywood to further their careers.

Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts

After appearing in adverts and in some notable serious theatrical roles, she made her film debut in “Forced Entry”, a 1975 thriller, a gig which helped to secure her more movie work. Her big break came when in 1980, she was cast in the final season of “Charlie’s Angels” as Julie Rogers, a replacement for actress Shelley Hack. This gave her the exposure she needed to kick her career into overdrive, taking a high profile role in the fantasy “The Beastmaster” and appearing nude in “Playboy” to promote the film. There’s dedication to your art!

After playing the lead in the appalling sub Tarzan flick “Sheena” (Queen of the jungle), she then landed the choice role of Stacey Sutton in Roger Moore’s finale, “A View To A Kill” Her performance received very mixed reviews and she is often voted as one of the worst of Bond’s femme fatales, though she does have her fans. To be fair to Tanya, this may be the fault of the characterisation which fails to impress, particularly when viewed against Grace Jones’ “May Day” character.

You always hear that you shouldn’t do stuff like that because “you’ll never work again” and it was right after Charlie’s Angels. So I was a little concerned because in those days TV and movie stars never crossed over. Now people realize that TV is great exposure. The idea is to work and you can’t really plan a career. You’ve got to just roll with the punches.

After her Bond film, her career seemed to take a nosedive and she ended up taking a role in the hit comedy “That 70s Show” in 1998. since then she has made sporadic film and TV appearances, devoting time to her husband who now suffers from encephalitis meningitis, and spends a lot of her time playing golf and selling vests on her website!

Even if I get thrown out of Hollywood, I’ll come back. It took me 14 years to get where I am. I’m going to hang in there

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