Aston Martin DB5

James Bond Gadgets by Ajay Singh, 25 August 2011

James Bond is chasing guys and being chased by foes from the very first episode but he had to wait till the third movie production to get a car that is equipped with all deadly gadgets. Q in Goldfinger, the 1964 Bond film, introduced Aston Martin DB5 to him. This car is a milestone gadget for Bond legacy in many ways. As time passed, the Aston Martin changed its model and gadget-technologies in Bond films but that 1964 model was second to none at that time.

Sean Connery With Aston Martin DB5

Sean Connery With Aston Martin DB5

To be more accurate in description, the original Aston Martin did not hold all the specifications as shown in the movie. For film’s sake it was specially modified for 007’s adventure. He was up to spoil the evil plan of Auric Goldfinger alias Gert Forbe, the rich mogul, who was plotting to create a disorder in the world economy. So for good reasons he needed some special tools. And anyone who watched the film would admit that it was an extraordinary creation that any spy could die for.

What’s in the car? It’s better to ask what’s not. The headlights had couple of machine guns behind them that can be handled from the driving seat. Rear shield was bullet proof, so the driver can proceed forward boldly. Bond had to dodge the security forces many times; so the car has got a revolving license plate that can be changed instantly. Q had long vision to think about the situation where someone hold gun sitting at the backseat. Bond could eject the seat out of the car while driving and he did not need to look back. Furthermore it was rearward with protections including smoke and oil slick sprayers. All the features were so enthralling that Bond had to ask Q, ‘You have got to be joking.’ Q calmly replied, ‘I never joke about my work 007.’

Did the work for Bond in his mission against Goldfinger? Now you are asking. Goldfinger’s men took Bond as a prisoner in the middle of the film. One of them pointed gun at him from the backseat and compelled him to drive his car. Guess what happened? 007 activated the ejector seat button, sending his goon passenger into the air. In the Goldfinger’s compound he sped away through many alleyways while firing machine guns that were popped out from behind the headlights.

The same model of Aston Martin was also seen in Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale; but this time with added feature of spraying water jets.

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