Attaché case

James Bond Gadgets by Ajay Singh, 04 August 2011

Probably Bond had received most comprehensive device in From Russia With Love, the 1963 Jame Bond film. It was an attaché case issued by Q, holding many other killer gadgets inside. Bond handled its multi-functionality quite well while confronting with Donald Red Grant, the giant-figured villain.

Attaché case

Attaché case - James Bond Gadget Which Appeared in Movie "From Russia With Love"

The attaché case housed 20 rounds of ammunition concealed in 2 tubes, a throwing knife hidden in the side of the case, AR-7 sniper’s rifle with a night-vision telescopic sight, 50 gold sovereigns, a tear gas bomb in a tin of talcum powder that would explode if opened improperly.

Bond boarded Orient Express that was heading to Belgrade. Grant was also in the train who was assigned to kill the M16 agent. He managed to drag Romanova, the Bond girl and kept Bond silent at gunpoint. 007 offered Grant to pay 50 gold sovereigns to let him have one last cigarette before dyeing and said that those are in the attaché case. Grant went for opening the case, did it in improper way and a tear gas canister exploded in his face. Bond did not let go the opportunity. He jumped on the muscular rogue and then used the hidden knife in the case to stab Grant in the shoulder. Rest of the work was easy; Bond strangled him to death with his own garrote.

The attaché case in the film was not just what was described in Ian Fleming book. The acclaimed writer wrote his bestseller ‘From Russia With Love’ in 1957 where he portrayed the case much more deadlier than it was seen in the film. According to Fleming there were 40 rounds of ammunition in the tubes against 20 in the film. Flat throwing knives were two in number hidden in the sides of the case while the film showed only one. Gold sovereigns and AR-7 rifle was pretty much same as seen in the film. But there were two unique gadgets in the attaché case that was absent in the film. One was a cyanide pill hidden in the handle that would come out if only a certain point was pressed. And the second was a tube of Palmolive shaving cream that was not actually what it looked like; there was a silencer for Bond’s pistol, wrapped inside.

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