Philips Keychain

James Bond Gadgets by Ajay Singh, 30 June 2011

Philips Keychain was a special keychain that is not only a lockpick which was claimed by “Q” to be able to “open 90% of the world’s locks” but also contains capsule of stun gas (effective up to 5 feet) which is activated by a whistle combination.  This Philips Keychain was used by Timothy Dalton in 1987 Bond Movie The Living Daylights.

Philips Keychain

Philips Keychain

The gas disorientates any normal person for up to 30 seconds. This explanation causes Bond to remark “You don’t find too many normal people in this business, Q…” It also contains an explosive charge which is activated by a personalized whistle combination. (Bond’s was a wolf whistle, something that Q commented was “most appropriate” for 007.)

A key-chain may seem harmless enough but if James Bond carries it, be prepared for anything. Not only does this key-chain hold a lock pick that Q claims can open 90 percent of the world’s locks, it also doubles as an alternate weapon. Activated by whistling, the key-chain can release stun gas or detonate an explosive charge just in case Bond finds himself out of bullets.

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