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James Bond Gadgets by Ajay Singh, 28 July 2011

In James Bond movie From Russia With Love, Tatiana Romanova was actually from Russia with all her love for Bond. Their lovemaking sure impressed everybody in the audience. But SPECTRE agents that make Tatiana believe that she was working for Russia tricked this Bond girl who was actually a Corporal of State Security from the Russian Consulate General offices. Beauty enchants Bond but never could have suppressed him. So he did not mind to interrogate the lady with a spectacular gadget, tape-recorder camera.

James Bond's Tape-recorder Camera

James Bond's Tape-recorder Camera

Box camera was pretty much modern for this 1963 Bond film that housed the tape recorder inside it with a clear microphone. The recorder was reel-to-reel type, which records analogue audio on a reel not in a cassette. The mechanism resembles a motion picture film operation. The feed reel holds the tape and usually mounted on a spindle.

Tatiana was talking about the Lektor machine, a decoder developed by Russian secret service and Bond had to record every minor detail of her statement. So when he sent the tape to MI6 headquarter, British secret service officials were able to play it back to learn all the technical specifications of that long desired machine. So they came to know that Lektor was a 10-kilo machine in a brown case about the size of a typewriter, and had 24 symbols and 16 code keys. But to Tatiana, the gadget meant nothing more than a normal camera and she took Bond as an amateur photographer.

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