Blofeld To Return In Craig’s Bond 23

News by Ajay Singh, 30 September 2011



While at the BAFTA, screenwriters lecture on September 20, it was heard John Logan saying that the next Bond venture, which will be the 23rd in the series, will have Blofeld return as the villain.

The film which has yet to get a title, will have Bond’s most symbolic enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld come back once again as the super villain in its latest 007 film series, to hit theatres in 2012.

In answer to a question put to him by one of the members of the audience, Logan said, “ Bond must always battle Blofeld”. He would not tell any more than what he had already said, but it definitely has given us an idea who the villain in the forthcoming Bond 23 is going to be even if we do not know its title.

The first appearance of Blofeld was seen in the 1963 Bond film From Russia with Love  and the character was played by Max Von Sydow. Rumours have it that the villain will reappear in Bond 23 and the chosen actor for the role may be Martin Sheen. However, when asked about the possibility, Martin Sheen denied all reports and said that he was not involved in the project in any way.

Bond 23, which is to be directed by Sam Mendes is in its early stages of production and is expected to start shooting this November. The film is slated for release on October 26 in the UK and November 9 2012 in the US. The yet untitled film may be titled “Carte Blanche”, but this is not confirmed.

However, what we do know is that Blofeld is coming back for sure. It would be great to see this character live once again, making things difficult for the clever and never-tiring James Bond.

Mendes has decided to shoot most of the film in India and the Indian government has given the makers of the film a green signal. The team is expected to arrive in the country to start shooting for the film soon. Possible locations are Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. Also South Africa and Turkey are the other venues where Bond 23 will be shot.

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  1. mikemancs Says:

    In his first film “appearance” (ie: without his face being shown on screen) in the 1963 classic From Russia With Love, Blofeld’s body was played by Anthony Dawson and his voice supplied by (I believe) Eric Pohlman. Max von Sydow played Blofeld in the unofficial Bond comedy-adventure Never Say Never Again in 1983.

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