Bond 23 To Be Shot In India

News by Ajay Singh, 09 September 2011

Daniel Craig will Star in Bond 23

Daniel Craig will Star in Bond 23

Rahul Soni from India Take One Productions, which was also responsible for helping with the pre-production of the upcoming Tom Cruise starrer “Mission Impossible”, has revealed to the BBC that the Indian Government has granted permission for the next James Bond movie, Bond 23, to be shot in Mumbai, Delhi and Goa.

This is not the first time that a James Bond movie is being shot in India, as the 13th 007 film Octopussy, which released in 1983 was the first Bond film to be shot here. It was largely shot in Udaipur and also included actor Kabir Bedi and ace tennis player Vijay Amritraj acting in the film with significant roles.

The new bond film, which is tentatively named Bond 23, will be the 23rd in the series of 007 movies and will be directed by Sam Mendes.

Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur where Octopussy was shot

Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur where Bond Movie Octopussy was shot

Daniel Craig, who starred in the last two James Bond films, Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008) will be seen again as the ostensible spy, who has you bewildered with his charm and tactics at handling situations.

The movie is slated for release on 9 November 2012. Shooting for the movie is said to start by the end of the year with some of the shoots to take place in South Africa as well.

When asked for shooting schedules and locations, no confirmed information could be obtained from the production company EON, which told the BBC that the film was still in its initial pre-production stages.

As Indian media is concerned, reports have it that shooting will take place in a congested market and a well-known flea market in Delhi.

However, one of the movie’s line producers, Pravesh Sahni has denied this rumour saying that the director Sam Mendes favoured Mumbai to Delhi for the shoot.

He also quoted to the Delhi Times that Mendes wanted to capture the essence of the streets in India in order to illustrate crammed lanes.

Producers of the film, according to Delhi Times, also approached Dinesh Trivedi, the Indian Railway Minister for the authorization to shoot a train sequence.

The minister is said to have asked for Daniel Craig to be brand ambassador for the Indian Railways.

India has for long been an attraction for foreign films with the most recent film shot here being the highly popular 2008 Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire.

Others in the list include Julia Roberts, “Eat, Pray, Love” and Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.

Another yet to be released film, “Trishna”, directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire, was shot here early this year.

“Trishna”, a film based on “Tess of the d’Urbervilles, a well-known Thomas Hardy novel, is set in modern India and is about a heartrending love story of the daughter of a rickshaw driver and the son of an influential businessman.

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