Daniel Craig Knows But Won’t Let Out Title of Bond 23

News by Ajay Singh, 29 September 2011

Daniel Craig in Bond 23

Daniel Craig in Bond 23

According to Andrea Mineo, a CNN Correspondent, who had recently interviewed Daniel Craig for his forthcoming release “Dream House”, the actor knew the title of the next James Bond film to be made, but he wasn’t going to tell.

Daniel Craig will be returning as the super British spy James Bond in its 23rd in the series Bond film, which will take off the floor sometime in November this year. The shooting will begin at Pinewood Studios. The film is slated for release on October 26, 2012 in the UK and in November in the US.

Shooting is also expected to take place in India, Turkey and South Africa with the former two countries having confirmed the plan. It is also reported that the Indian authorities have asked the producers to make some changes to a on-top train action scene due to security reasons and also to protect the image of their railways service.

Although the title is not of much significance, since the name Bond itself is enough to raise excitement, everyone is still curious to know what it will be called. There are several unused Ian Fleming titles from which one could be selected, but we can only guess what it might be.

The possible titles that could be considered for the film are “The Property Of A Lady, Rissico, 007 In New York and Hildebrand Rarity”, but whether any of these would finally appeal to the producers is still to be seen. Another title which is believed to have come up but was reject is “Carte Blanche”, taken from Jeffery Deaver’s this year’s sequel to his previous novel.

Maybe the makers might make an announcement some time next month in a press conference, but until then we will just have to wait and see what they finally come up with.

Whether the saga of “Quantum of Solace”, which failed to impress will be chosen as the basis of the story or the makers will choose an entirely new story, is also still a mystery. This says the same for the stars, besides Craig, who would be acting alongside him in the film.

Whatever it is, we should know about it before the movie takes off. We’ll only need to keep our eyes and ears open for it.

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